assault attorney in graham, nc

Know What to Do If You've Been Charged With Assault

Seek legal counsel right away from an assault attorney in Graham, NC

Assault is a serious accusation that can ruin your reputation-and being convicted could ruin your life. If you've been charged with assault, retain an assault attorney today to start building your case. Fogarty Law Firm knows the local court system in Graham, NC better than anyone. We'll give you a fair and fighting chance.

Your attorney will develop a strategy to improve your odds of a reduced sentence or dropped charges. Call us today to speak with an assault attorney about the details of your case.

Understanding assault charges in North Carolina

Are you wondering what your specific assault charge means? There are several different types of assault defined by the state of North Carolina. Your assault attorney can represent you if you've been charged with:

  • Simple assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault causing serious injury
  • Assault with intent to kill
  • Assault causing serious bodily harm

Each charge has its own penalties. The specific charge will also determine whether you'll be looking at a misdemeanor or felony. Fogarty Law Firm will explain your legal situation in simple terms to help you understand your options.