criminal defense lawyer in graham, nc

Your Reputation Is at Risk

Protect it with the help of a criminal defense attorney in Graham, NC

Being accused of a crime is a frightening experience. Regardless of the facts of your case, you are now in danger of losing your reputation, your livelihood and possibly your freedom. Assert your rights with help from a skilled criminal defense attorney in Graham, NC.

Fogarty Law Firm has represented individuals facing a variety of criminal charges, including assault, larceny, shoplifting and communicating threats. Call 336-525-6529 to set up a meeting with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Choose an understanding criminal law attorney

You need more than legal advice gleaned from online articles. You need an attorney who's familiar with the court system in Graham, North Carolina. A criminal law attorney from Fogarty Law Firm will...

Help you understand your rights
Craft a solid legal strategy
Negotiate with the prosecution
Represent you at trial
Fight for your exoneration

Improve your chances of having your charges reduced or dropped by working with an aggressive local criminal law attorney.