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Defend Your Rights as a Parent

Collaborate with a family law attorney in Graham, NC

What do you do when your family is the subject of a social services inquiry in the Graham, NC area? Contact a family law attorney straightaway.

Family law often deals with delicate and intimate areas of your life. If the Department of Social Services has opened an inquiry into your family, you probably feel frightened and confused. To protect your family and your good reputation, you need to contact an experienced family law attorney.

Fogarty Law Firm is very familiar with the inquiry process. Our team can defend your rights throughout the proceeding. Dial 336-525-6529 today to set up an appointment.

Work with a specialized child support attorney

Nothing is more important to you than your child's future. Fogarty Law Firm understands that. Our child support attorney will help you...

Protect your rights as a parent
Safeguard your child's emotional well-being
Provide for your child financially

Whether you're seeking additional child support or sole custody, we can help. Talk a dedicated child support attorney from Graham, North Carolina about your child's needs as soon as possible.