shoplifting attorney in graham, nc

Don't Let Shoplifting Charges Stain Your Record

Reach out to a shoplifting attorney for counsel in Graham, NC

Have you recently been accused of shoplifting? Unless there is a mountain of evidence against you, proving guilt in a shoplifting case can be tricky. Hire a shoplifting attorney to make your case. Fogarty Law Firm has helped countless clients reduce or eliminate shoplifting charges in Graham, NC and surrounding areas.

Did you know you can be charged with shoplifting even if you never left the store? Your dedicated shoplifting attorney will bring years of courtroom experience to your case. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

How can shoplifting turn into a felony charge?

While shoplifting is normally grouped together with typical larceny charges, it has a few unique characteristics. Shoplifting can be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony if...

  • A security device was tampered with
  • You stole merchandise and left through an emergency exit
  • You stole merchandise totaling more than $1000

The state of North Carolina considers any theft a felony if the stolen items value more than $1000. It takes a skilled attorney to present a strong argument on your behalf. Trust the Fogarty Law Firm to be your advocate in court.